Public Holidays Act, 1938

Short title: 
Public Holidays Act, 1938
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Date of commencement: 
23 December 1938
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The public holidays act

Date of commencement: 23rd December, 1938.

An Act to make provision for Public Holidays.

Short title.

1.        This Act may be cited as the Public holidays Act, 1938.


2.        The days named in the Schedule shall be public holidays:

Provided that if —

                    (a)   any such day falls on a Sunday the following Monday shall be observed as a public holiday; and

                    (b)   Boxing Day falls on a Monday the following Tuesday shall be observed as a public holiday.

Amendment of Schedule.

3.        The Minister for Home Affairs may, by notice in the Gazette, amend the Schedule.

References in law to public holidays.

4.        A reference in any law to public holidays shall be deemed to be a reference to the public holidays named by or appointed under this Act.

Non-business days for bills of exchange.

5.        Notwithstanding any other law, Sunday and any day named in the Schedule or appointed under this Act as a public holiday shall be deemed to be a non-business day within the meaning of any law relating to bills of exchange or promissory notes.


New Year’s Day (1st day of January)

Incwala Day (to be announced)

Good Friday

Easter Monday

National Flag Day (25th day of April)

Ascension Day

The Kings Birthday (19th day of April)

Commonwealth Day (Second Monday in June)

Public Holiday (22nd day of July)

Umhlanga (Reed Dance) ( to be announced)

Somhlolo (Independence Day) (6th day of September)

Christmas Day (25th day of December)

Boxing Day (26th day of December)

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