SwaziLII to Host AfricanLII for a Two-days Conference


The workshop scheduled to run for two days will resume on the 12th to the 13th May 2011 and will be held at the Mountainn Inn and Ministry of Justice Conference room on the respective dates.

SwaziLII in an endeavour to sensitize its stakeholders has requested their counterparts in the regional office situated in Johannesburg to come and train them. SwaziLII's stakeholders the Judiciary in its entiety, Tha Law society, The academia, legislature, executive, law students and the public at large,\.

The conference resumes with a meeting between between African Lii delegation and The Honourable Chief Justice, followed by one with the Swazi Board members. The Judges of the High Court and Executive of the Law Society will follow and later in the day be joined in by the Academia.

The following day will be the last day and the administation of the Judiciary, Judges Secretaries and Clerks will be taught on their expectations on this project. It is worth mentioning that this will be a packed execise and a worthwhile one in so far as developing our own law is concerned. SwaziLii brings about the concept of having confidence in our own Law as a country. Often times we have relied on foreign countries'laws to reach decisions in our situation which laws are not binding to us but only persuasive , and it has been on that nerve that SwaziLII has decided to promote our own judgments and that we have to use them, develop them to an extent that they are binding to us.

We trust this endeavour will be a success and bear fruit for the good of the nation.

As SwaziLII we do take pride in our slogan "KWETFU"as this is the best a country could achieve for their own Law.