Copyright & A2K Issues - 18 May 2017


News Flash! 

South African Copyright Amendment Bill  

This week the SA Copyright Amendment Bill [B 13—2017] was formally introduced into Parliament. See:


Copyright & A2K Issues - 24 April 2017 (Part 1)


Intellectual Property:

The Web Is At A Crossroads – New Standard Enables Copyright Enforcement Violating Users’ Rights

Intellectual Property Channeling for Digital Works

Libraries winners from copyright changes (Australia)


Copyright & A2K Issues - 3 April 2017


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Making the Choice: Open Access versus traditional journals

Scientists, funders flock to ResearchGate


Copyright & A2K Issues - 31 March 2017


Intellectual Property:

Copyright & Related Issues

Debate rages over controversial copyright standard for the web


Copyright & A2K Issues - 13 March 2017


Intellectual Property

Issues of access and ‘fair use’ in new High Court copyright judgment

Publishers close 'copy' book - - Study material case retreat spreads cheer and concern