Copyright & A2K Issues - 15 June 2017


Intellectual Property:

Why fair use and quotation provisions in SA Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 need to be Open


You still have time to comment on this to the PC on Trade and Industry  – email ahermans@parliament.gov.za before 30 JUNE 2017



Copyright & A2K Issues - 28 February 2017 (Pt 2)


Intellectual Property:

Fair Dealing Week 2017


Fair Use in Korea


Argentinian Copyright Office Proposes to add Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright Act



Copyright & A2K Issues - 27 February 2017


Intellectual Property:

A better copyright reform for education


Fair Use as Consumer Protection


Copyright & A2K Issues - 20 January 2017 (Pt 1)


Intellectual Property:

Frontiers position statement: Impact of EU copyright reform on open science and innovation


EU Copyright Reform: Leading research groups call for more change


Copyright & A2K Issues - 22 November 2016


Intellectual Property:

‘We Shall Overcome’ Copyright Case Moves Closer to Trial


Librarians, Archivists, Call On WIPO Members To Create Safe Harbour Against Copyright Liability


Copyright & A2k Issues - 24 August 2016 (Part 1)


Intellectual Property:

Copyright, Fair Use and Author Rights


Public Consultation on Proposed Changes to Singapore's Copyright Regime - All Proposals


Copyright & A2K Issues - 23 August 2016 (Part 1)


Intellectual Property:

Intellectual Property Consultative Framework (South Africa)


Copyright & A2K Issues - 3 August 2016


Intellectual Property

Copyright and Museums in the Digital Age


Getty Makes Nonsensical Statement On Photographer Carol Highsmith's Lawsuit For Falsely Claiming Copyright


Copyright & A2K Issues - 26 November 2015 (Pt. 2)


Intellectual Property:

Copyright Exceptions for Access to the Blind – Indian Copyright Law


The Coming Civil War over General Purpose Computing


MultiChoice on the hunt for TV thieves